Does Coffee Fuel Creativity?

At Boost Labs, we are very passionate about our work in social media. Every second of everyday if we are not brainstorming really cool ideas for our clients, we are sipping on something that is caffeinated. Which got me to our caffeine intake encouraging our creativity?

Adobe CS5 Launches Today!

Adobe has introduced some very exciting web and mobile advancements setting CS5 above CS4. The two most exciting advancements appear to be a connectivity and development feature which allows Flash developers to create apps for the iPhone and iPad. Also included is an online marketing suite which should improve workflow from website design, development, and finally web marketing.

Informative Motion Graphics

These guys and gals apply motion graphics marrying narration, typography, and imagery to communicate your ideas in short, informative pieces. Nowadays on the internet anybody can get their thoughts out, but without broadcasting those thoughts in video form with graphics to facilitate a clear understanding, a lot of messages get lost in the clutter. The idea is golden. The execution is great. Click Continue to see two example videos.