Is Twitter Just Hype (Twitter vs Facebook vs MySpace)?

Every online marketing firm, including ours, always includes some sort of Twitter marketing option. Most of the time it isn't by choice, because our clients read all about Twitter and buy into the hype that it's an effective marketing tool. But is Twitter really all that popular than say, MySpace? Most of us already know that with the dawn of Facebook, MySpace sort of took a backseat in the online social environment. Even with riding in the backseat, MySpace still is able to control more user attention than Twitter.

FAQ: What is The Best Social Media Website To Promote My Business?

Answer: Depends on what the business is selling. Probably not the answer your were looking for right? Well there's a reason for that. Not all businesses are the same, which means there isn't a single site that works for every business. What I can do is give you a general idea and let you brainstorm where your company can fit in...