About Us

Our Mission: To Bring Meaning and Clarity From Complexity

Data analysts, innovative coders, and clever designers: we love creating ways to view data, interact with it, and share it in ways that empower our clients and their stakeholders. We can uncover hidden meaning and draw insights from your data that you didn’t know were there through smart, flexible, beautiful visual and technical solutions.

We attack each project head on and analyze your data and processes in partnership with you, learning all we can about your goals. Then we craft architecture than can support your dreams of greatness and combine this with incomparable elegance in design, developing technologies that help you learn from your data and share it with others in whatever platforms make sense. The solutions we deploy are precise and built to exacting standards that are platform agnostic.

But you’re not our first, oh no. We’ve got plenty of excellent references and street cred: corporate accounts, non profits, and government contracts.

Challenges We Solve

  • Determine the best data story to tell the end user to improve data communications.
  • Develop innovative visualization solutions that work with exisiting platforms
  • User centered data ui/ux solutions that align with desired workflows
  • Data automation to distribute data stories efficiently

Meet Our Executive Team

Ali Allage


Ali is a passionate entrepreneur, car enthusiast, data visualization junkie, and technologist who currently serves as the company’s CEO. For more than 20 years, Ali has started various businesses, ranging from technology focused consulting firms to automotive social media platforms generating 32 million + users per month.  After the sale of his last venture in 2009, Boost Labs was created to serve the growing demands of businesses needing data visualization and product development solutions. Today, Ali is responsible for business development activities, service/support for all Boost Labs clients, and overall company vision. He plays a key role in the continued strategies and innovation found in Boost Labs and pushes his clients and teams to disrupt industries and create groundbreaking solutions that produces results.

Jeff Cheng


Jeff is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the IT industry, both government and private. He founded GURU, an IT consulting agency and gained notoriety in the D.C. area for his leadership and strategic success. As a Partner and President, Jeff performs a supervisory, management and leadership role at Boost Labs. He is responsible for day-to-day operations and maintains and develops customer relationships and contracts. Jeff also provides oversight of staff, and projects and maintains a high level of quality assurance. His highest priority is to ensure that everything is done with integrity, accountability and quality. Trusted by his team, customers, and colleagues in business, Jeff thrives on working with people and companies who are innovative, motivated and passionate about what they do.

Scott Cashon

For more than 20 years Scott has been successfully leading teams developing enterprise applications for clients ranging from startups to organizations with tens of thousands of employees. He spends his days wrangling complex, fast-moving projects using Agile tools and methodologies, cheerfully working with clients, internal teams and external partners. On the technical side he has done it all: from modeling large scale back-end data stores, to managing infrastructure, developing APIs, and working in numerous server and client-side frameworks for web and mobile platforms. Scott loves using both sides of his brain, managing architectural decisions and technical implementations while never losing focus on users and design objectives.

Kevin Ingalls

Kevin has over 10 years of experience in web design, identity and packaging, UI, and UX for television, web, and mobile devices. Kevin is an expert at finding visual solutions to transform client objectives into cohesive and clear designs. Kevin attended Savannah College of Art & Design and is well acquainted with current design and technology trends and information design best practices. He strives to always innovate, question, and create while working with companies and people who value the creative process, design, data integrity, and really cool shit. Kevin has helped industry leaders reimagine how they interact with their users. Kevin has been the lead for many Boost Labs projects and sees each project through from concept to execution. His involvement extends to project and team management as well as quality assuring projects and products.

Shayan Kheradmand

Shayan studied Visual Arts at University of Maryland, majoring in 3D animation. Immediately after graduating, he began his career as a Designer. It’s been well over a decade, and through the years he has acquired and refined a plethora of creative skills, such as UI/UX, web design, print, illustration, and trade show graphics. Regardless of the medium, he always strives to think outside the box. His designs are always driven by purpose, all the while wielding his OCD with attention to minute details. Clients often find Shayan to be a warm inviting team member. His strength is making clients feel comfortable and willing to collaborate. He feels that the greatest designs come from a strong collaborative bond with clients.