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Is The Term “Expert” Being Overused?

Am I being cynical with that title? Probably, but I do have a good reason. Like many I get a ton of emails about webinars or events about "Social Media Marketing Experts" giving you, the business owner, the tools necessary to be successful with promoting your business online. Social Media to me is a channel that constantly evolves and is always giving you something new to learn.

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Touching and Feeling the web

Now designers are creating some very tangible, emotional websites, ads, commercials, etc with the new technologies (but not relying on them,) which learn from the cleanliness of Apple, while embracing the hands-on approach from generations past.

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Kings of viral video, OKGO – This Too Shall Pass

If you're a fan of the previous OKGO viral online music videos, you'll love this one. Teaming up with State Farm Insurance to produce and directed by James Frost, OK Go and Syyn Labs, the video was filmed in a two story warehouse in LA. The Rube-Goldberg device was designed and built by the band members, along with Syyn Labs over several months.

Update: There's another official video for the same song - link in the full article.

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