Increase Your Missional Impact Through Data Visualization

Turn boring annual reports and Powerpoint presentations into visual data stories that will increase financial contributions and advocacy.

By putting your data in easy-to-read visuals, you’re doing more than simply helping people understand it. You’re also triggering the brain’s visual processing center, which plays a crucial role in both decision making and memory. Through data visualization you allow the people who receive that information to make better decisions with it and will remember it for longer.

We understand how Non-profits and Associations think. We know the importance of creating a connection with your audience. We do just that using data visualization for…

  1. Financial reports
  2. Annual reports
  3. Real-time statistics
  4. Infographics
  5. Data and executive dashboards
  6. Websites
  7. Tableau Customization
  8. Your idea!

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Here are a few non-profits and associations that we have helped make a missional difference through data visualization.