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Data Visualization & Reporting

Our data storytelling service offers custom designed visualizations and automated reporting systems that efficiently display data insights. An effective visual data story can do everything from increase retention times to simplify complex data. Our clients require compelling visual data stories to engage their audiences, increase budgets, display key insights, etc. As a full stack data visualization and software products firm, we can even build interactive applications in addition to static visuals.

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Data Product UI/UX

Wireframes, Work Flows, Use Cases, Experience Design, etc. Data products are defined by data but require strategic design planning to function. Both UI and UX are part of the process to design the ultimate user experience. Without them, audience engagement doesn’t exist and business performance will suffer. The best possible front end experience is analyzed to match the proper work flows and the optimal back end build connects the visuals for the ultimate functionality. Our clients come to us for innovative user interface solutions that set them apart from their competitors. We solve application interaction challenges with top-notch design to improve usability, customer satisfaction, and retention.

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Data Product Development

Our Data Product Development services help our clients transform their vision into an innovative analytics product. We’ve built innovative enterprise solutions that optimize performance and profit by making it easy to leverage big data. Our teams have experience designing Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and Enterprise Level Software that delivers a tangible, lean solution in accordance to budget and/or timeline. We help clients formulate baseline requirements through ideation sessions, design concepts, validate via focus group sessions, code, test, and launch new data products into production. We’ve got the experience and the right people to find the real value in your data.

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Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics Solutions offer context for organizations. We build custom analytics applications to fit your business and user requirements to alleviate the analysis process. There are millions of metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s), but what good is the data without the appropriate context. Our analytics service enhances your business intelligence (BI) efforts by creating innovative solutions that are visually engaging and improve retention. The end result is a innovative solution that represents important business intelligence, metrics, and a data story.

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Data Engineering

Data Science is an enterprise solution for unused data. Because most organizations have multiple data sources, most data goes unused and ingestion is slowed. Our Data Engineering service will transform large sets of raw data into a seamless operation, so your business can capitalize insights. We take enterprise data from the pipeline to custom data lakes and ecosystems and follow the cycle all the way to analytics. Invest in data infrastructure and validate your enterprise data.

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Machine Learning | AI

We produce infinite volumes of data everyday and there’s an increasing need for intelligent data solutions. Artificial Intelligence is taking over business development and investors are ready to engage. So let us accelerate your intelligent business analytics with precise algorithms. Our AI and Machine learning services design and build complex systems to replicate and optimize the human process. Find value in your data through statistical pattern recognition, linear regression, neural networking, deep learning, and more. Our talented team will help develop and deploy a system streamlines and optimizes your business needs.

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