Data Analytics Solutions

What are Data Analytics Solutions?

Data Analytics Solutions are custom built to your business needs. Live data context provides accurate numbers and metrics for the ultimate insight extraction. Dashboard visualizations are business intelligence control panels built with key performance indicators and other story telling information. The story is the business question that requires are series of data points to help answer. Ask yourself what unknown elements the data should fulfill and business applications the insights will have.

Do you need a Data Analytics Solution?

There are times when a more unique analytics approach is need to integrate within an existing business intelligence (BI) tool, current ERP solutions, or create a standalone product. When you have constant incoming data, you need a way to keep up with and keep track of all the metrics. Our data analytics solutions will consolidate all your data context needs and KPI’s in a sleek design.

Why Boost Labs?

We have been building custom analytics solutions that offer incredible innovation and ease of use for a number of incredible clients. Most of our data analytics solutions were created to provide real time data accessibility, multiple data source aggregation, and easy integration into existing platforms and ERP systems. As the BI story became more complex, our ability to keep information visually simple is our biggest value. If you need a firm that understands data/BI and can build highly innovative dashboards, then you’ve found the right partner. Contact us today and request a demo.

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