Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

What is a MVP?

MVP’s are early samples of a product to test if an idea, concept, or process is truly viable. Early stage prototypes are frequently used as a demos to showcase a specific capability conceptually.

Do you need a MVP?

New and legacy products both benefit from the application prototype process. New ideas are formulated and tested by creating a tangible product that others can see, use, and experience. Legacy products that require updated features benefit from the application prototype process in order to evaluate the feasibility of the added enhancements. The workflow development from concept to design to MVP (minimal viable product) via the application prototype process before any production level code is created, ensures a massive savings in time and money. In general the application prototype process helps solve complex problems, creates focus towards a solution, and brings life to design, all in order to quickly realize product certainty

Why Boost Labs?

Rapid MVP’s are our thing. From ideation to application, we are gifted in analyzing the data used by the application, organizing requirements via ideation sessions, designing incredible concepts, and coding an application that blurs the line of real and MVP. We have created mobile and web based application prototypes for our clients that have gone on to product. If you are looking to enhance or add a new level of application prototyping capability to your team, give us a ring to figure out how we can help.

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