Project Scope
Census was looking for a solution to help visualize complex employment data for the general public. The idea for the app started with a simple infographic that visualized a specific story within a small segment of the data. Looking to provide more depth within the data set, our task was to construct a prototype application that incorporated custom jquery/javascript libraries and a API as a data source to produce a unique visualization experience for the end user. The application itself is cross browser capable including the ability to be viewed with earlier versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The application also incorporates mobile accessibility, as well as, 508 compliance.

Description of Work Performed

We created a data visualization prototype to showcase the idea of providing a state comparison tool for the general public to use.

Services We Provided


8 Months

Infographic: 1 Month

Minimal Viable Product (MVP): 3 Months

Version 1: 4 Months

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