Project Scope

The Council on Competitiveness is an American non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. The Council’s goal is to increase the United States’ economic competitiveness in the global marketplace. The Council also works to bring high-value economic activity into the United States.

Every year the Council releases a roadmap titled “Clarion Call For Competitiveness” intended for policymakers to increase investment and job creation in the United States and enhance prosperity for all Americans. Our role was to help build a one-page report that provides a visual summary of key findings. Our final visualization/infographic titled “Clarion Call for Competitiveness Strengths & Weaknesses” was released in conjunction with the “Clarion Call For Competitiveness”.

Our Role
We analyzed the data, finalized our data story with the client, and designed the infographic seen here.


4 Weeks

Data Analysis / Ideation / Wireframes: 1 Week
Design: 2 Weeks
Finalize: 1 Week

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