Project Scope

Daimler Financial was looking for a way to unite the entire workforce in Mexico around growing the organization. The method of communication was to use the organization’s quartly financial report as the means to distribute important information to the audience. What they needed was to revamp the report so that everyone from the mail room to the executive level will have clear information to help unite the organization towards a specific goal. Through the visualization process, we were required to immerse ourselves into the data in order to build the story needed to hit the message home


Our Role
Infographics have a reputation as one-page promotional flyers that communicate a headline/message to the general public. Infographics can also serve as a way to communicate messages internally and help align everyone within a company. The latter was the guiding principle behind the creation of Daimler’s quarterly financial infographic report. The products we created were distributed to every member of staff and conveyed important messages.

  • Data Analysis
  • Information Architecture
  • Data Structuring
  • Data Story Development
  • Information Design

6 Weeks

Discovery / Data Analysis: 1 Week
Ideation / Wireframes: 1 Week
Design: 3 Weeks
Finalize: 1 Week

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