Project Scope

Boost Labs worked with USAID on a multi-year contract for design, content, and development services. The primary goal was to help overhaul the internal documents, presentations, and intranet portals. All things created had to follow Section 508 Compliance and maintain a clean, intuitive, and responsive design.

Boost Labs had an open engagement assisting USAID with many user interface and data visualization needs. One of which was the SLA Dashboard. They needed a quick prototype (MVP) to illustrate value for stakeholder buy-in. We were tasked with conceptualizing a quick development minimal viable product prototype based on mockup designs.


Complexity and Work Performed

Complexity was really the timeline of two weeks. Having to get a design out, approved and developed in that timeline was no small task. We ended up with a fully front-end functional web environment that led to further expanded conversations within USAID.


Quantifiable Results

  • Improve collaboration internally among USAID staff all around the world
  • Increased public transparency of USAID spending and results achieved, which was a big political win for the agency
  • Overall increased agency-wide alignment by overhauling technical documents and increased presence of infographics to help convey a point, and creating a better way to share these documents


Services We Provided


Two Weeks

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