Advanced Tableau Customization Services

Tableau is one of many BI tools that brings visual insights to your data quickly and easily, but sometimes you need it to do more.  We can go beyond Custom Tableau Landing pages with:

  • Prototype/MVP data analytics products/apps
  • Custom dashboard layouts
  • Performance tuning for maximized user experience
  • Custom reports
  • Use Tableau’s advanced logic for calculations and interactivity
  • Format advanced analytics and data display
  • And so much more…

Don’t struggle with customization alone, let us help

Tableau landing pages are just the beginning. Dive deeper into online and mobile creations with our customized Tableau services. We work with you to create integrations that are consistent to your brand and deliver the ideal end-user experience. Request a demo for more information.

Need custom landing pages? We can do that too! Come to us for your customized Tableau experience.

Our Services include:

  • Data Analytics Productization
  • Data Visualization
  • Dashboard Development and Customization
  • Automated Reports

Boost Labs has mastered storytelling through data visualization, and we bring our experience to your company. We build a custom product that represents your Tableau data beautifully and accurately. Our unique systems allow for the flexibility to create a visually appealing, custom layout for all types of graphs, charts, maps and more – including interactivity and automation. We work with you to build multiple variations of report templates that can be created to account for a variety of uses.

Don’t settle for the tip of the iceberg, leverage Tableau to build something new.

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