Free Webinar: Data Product MVP – Are you Ready?

Over Budget & Delayed Data Analytic MVP: A Thing of the Past

In an effort to prevent over budget and delayed MVP’s, we created this webinar based on our
past experience of successful projects. Our hope is to provide enough information to help you as the product manager to successfully complete your Data Analytic MVP on budget and on time.

Why Join Our Webinar?

Our Reputation
We have an outstanding track record of successfully completing some of the most challenging Analytical MVP’s on time and within budget.

Our Unique Skillset
Our team consists of Data Scientists, Data Visualization GURU’s,  Information Architects, Developers, Information Designers, Business Analysts, and UI/UX experts.  We are the complete package.  This gives the experience to know what sort of resources are needed for the average Data Analytics MVP.

Our Results
Many of the MVPs we have created in the past have led to validated products.


Date: Thursday, May 16th, 2019
Time: 11 am (EST)


Ali Allage, CEO, Boost Labs
For over 20 years, Ali has helped many C-Level Executives, Product Managers, Marketing Managers, Industry Leads, Non-Profit Executives, Government Leadership, and Data Focused Individuals identify the best routes to getting the most out of their data. Data comes in all sorts of types, sizes, shapes, complexities and topics for every client, but they all share a similar challenge that unites those differences: “What’s our data story and how do we package it for our customer or internally.”

This challenge has fueled his passion to be relentless in creating dynamic solutions for clients to maximize their ROI in every possible way. He has been able to do this through the development of multiple companies, successful partnerships, and an amazing team. The result: strong long term relationships with clients and an array of fantastic analytical products.

More information can be found on Ali’s LinkedIn Profile

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