Automated Reports

What are Automated Reports?

Automated Reports are created based on a specific data stories and a series of report templates. The goal of an Automated Report is to present the data story clearly in order to improve the audiences understand of the topic and be able to quickly produce that report via a specific template.

Do you need Automated Report Help?

Rapid production in order to building awareness, education on complex topics, etc. to a specific audience is the primary reason to build an an automated report. Automated Reports can be used for internal purposes or used for external communications.

Our Solution

Our report automation tool is designed to offer flexibility that goes beyond what traditional automated tools can provide today. The tool is designed to consolidate a wide variety of data sources into a single location that provides that ability for the user to either generate a static report or interact with their data dynamically via the tool’s web portal. All with the focus to easily communicate data to internal and/or external audiences.

Our sophisticated templating systems allows for the flexibility to create a custom layout that is both unique to the brand and visually appealing. Brand guidelines can be matched to each template, and multiple variations of report templates can be created to account for a variety of uses.

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