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Data Visualization

With data growing exponentially for many organizations, the ability to tell your data story is critical. Engaging and effective communication of data visually increases retention times and the ability to simplify complex data sources.

As a full stack data visualization and software products firm, we immerse ourselves into the data, design a visualization concept to best represent the data story, and build it either as a static representation or an interactive application. The end result is increased engagement from the intended audience.

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UI/UX Design & Development

Wireframes, Work Flows, Use Cases, Experience Design, etc., are all pieces to the ultimate user experience puzzle. Functionality is key, but without the best possible front end experience that matches the proper work flows, users will never know how powerful the functionally truly is. Our clients come to us for innovative user interface solutions that set them apart from their competitors. We ultimately solve application interaction challenges to help improve product value.

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Software Application Prototyping

MVP (Minimal Viable Product), Pre-MVP, Prototype, or a Version X, our software application prototyping services help our clients transform their vision into an innovative product. Through our unique process, we help clients formulate base line requirements through ideation sessions, design concepts, validate via focus group sessions, code, test, and launch into production. From basic to enterprise level concepts, we have the experience to build ingenious prototype applications for small to large organizations.

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Our Dashboard Services focuses on identifying the story. The story determines the context in which the best business intelligence dashboards are created. We have millions of key metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s), but what good is the data without the appropriate context. Our Dashboard Services enhances your business intelligence (BI) efforts by creating innovative solutions that are visually engaging and improve retention. The end result is a innovative solution that represents important intelligence.

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You can have all the information in the world, but it means nothing if you can’t make sense of it. We believe that data tells a story: you have to take what is intangible and give it meaning. Infographics, motion graphics, diagrams, and illustrations all hold the power to convey vast amounts of information, but we take the time to determine which ones are the most impactful.

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Automated Reports

Frequently generated reports become a painstaking task when done manually. Our Automated Reports Solution offers custom designed visualizations and report layouts that are encased into an automated system. The end result is a unique report that can be generated within seconds at high volume. What used to take months to generate can now take seconds.

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