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Since 2009, we have partnered with extraordinary clients to build data visualization and software product solutions that go beyond expectations.

We are passionate about leading the effort of making data accessible and understood by everyone, visually. Data is the fuel to our data visualization and software products and we love working with all sorts of data.

Why Work With Us? We are a full service Data Visualization and Software Products Firm, which allows us to work the full spectrum: raw, messy data to a well-rounded product build.

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Psychology: How to Analyze Qualitative Data

It's not the most obvious or typical , but psychology and data are proving to be a powerful example of data visualization. Psychology, like many other fields and industries, is embracing the advances in digital data and data visualization....

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Horror Movies & A Lesson in Profitable Data Insights

Halloween culture in America is about everything spooky. While some people pick out costumes and candy, studios are waiting to release the next best horror film. So it's no surprise that the holiday has turned into a money-making marathon...

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Cybersecurity, Ethical Tech, and Data

Years ago, cybersecurity for the average person was hoping to avoid viruses after a download or installing security software. Now that digital data is everywhere, it's become an incredibly difficult task to keep track of digital security....

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